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Fully managed hosting to ensure the highest levels of performance and uptime.

Ready for Growth

Magic City Systems’ website hosting service allows your website to grow. Whether your currently experiencing website growth or planning on expanding, we can help ensure you’re ready to have the fastest and most reliable hosting experience for your business and customers.

Managed Hosting

We will maintain and manage everything for you so you don’t half to worry about anything!  We don’t just monitor and maintain the servers. . .we also maintain your website! We scan every website for vulnerabilities to ensure reliability and to avoid hackers, malware, and viruses. If you have a WordPress site, don’t worry we will take care of that also.


Lightning fast speeds, maximum reliability and GREAT support are just a few of the features you receive with our service.  All of our plans come with top of the line web services (PHP, MySQL, Apache, and Nginx.)  Whether you currently have a website or want to create one using WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, or a custom PHP/ HTML Magic City Systems is the company for you.


Magic City Systems can help give your business an online presence. We will guide you threw the entire process from start to finish. Whether you know what you want or if you are unsure, Magic City Systems is here to help during the entire process!

Website Redesign

Do you want or need a change with your website?
Or maybe your website is not performing like it should?
Magic City Systems can help with redesign or modifications to give presence on the Internet! Gain more business, offer your services, inform customers about promotions, or to just let customers know about your location and hours, Magic City Systems can help!

Speed Tests
This graph shows how long it took a webpage to load on the screen!

  • Bluehost Shared Hosting 10.26 Seconds
  • HostGator Shared Hosting 4.45 Seconds
  • Magic City Systems Hosting 1.86 Seconds

The Hosting Results Were Amazing

View our speeds compared to other top hosting providers!
Magic City Systems is around 70% faster than some of the top web hosting providers. We pride ourselves on our fast servers and great customer service.

Mobile Sites Boost Sales By

Mobile Friendly

As of April 21, 2015, Google will rank mobile friendly sites higher. This change could significantly impact your Google Search results.
Google also announced  “more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries including the US and Japan.”


With the increase of mobile phones and tablets, you want your site to perform and look good no matter how people visit your website. Viewing a website on a desktop is different then viewing a website on a phone especially if the display is only 3.5″. Mobile websites are normally made to work well with smaller screens of mobile devices which makes it easier to navigate.


Many businesses still do not provide a mobile version of their website. This will give your business an opportunity to stand out among your competitors and create a positive impression to your prospective and potential customers.  In a recent study, 38% of people leave a website because it was not developed specifically for mobile users. They complain that it was too hard to use and locate information.

Magic City Systems Business Hosted Email

Ad-free & Private

We do not read or scan your hosted email.

Secure POP/IMAP Connection

Deliver email to your users’ favorite clients—from desktop Outlook® to an iPhone®

Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus

Spam doesn’t just distract your employees; it can also expose your systems to malware and phishing attacks. We estimate that over 95% of all email traffic is spam. Businesses lose millions of dollars in productivity and additional infrastructure expenses due to spam. To make matters worse, organizations that maintain in-house email servers are fighting a losing battle, because spammer tactics constantly change. To defeat spam, you must stay one step ahead of the evolving threat. Our system is continuously updating the spam filtering system. We use a multi-layered process that eliminates 98% of spam—with nearly zero false positives. You get spam filtering at no additional cost with all email accounts.

About 2% of all incoming emails contain viruses—and our systems block more than 100,000 virus-infected emails every day. During new virus outbreaks, our systems can block over 1 million messages per day.

Our email includes multi-stage, server-level virus detection. Our virus scanning system can handle spikes for long periods of time, processing every email without causing delays. You get virus protection at no additional cost with all Magic City Systems email accounts.


  • Create multiple calendars and share with selected
    people in Webmail
  •  Send meeting invites and create recurring events
  •  Allow specific people to edit your calendar
  •  iCal feed to share calendars outside of your domain
  •  Get alerts via email, pop-up, or SMS text
  •  Color-coded viewing for multiple calendars
  •  Import calendars in .csv format


Boost productivity with these indispensable applications:

  •  Create task lists with sub-tasks
  •  Assign due dates
  •  Multiple search options
  •  Add task-specific information in task notes area
  • Use Task List Manager to view all outstanding tasks
  • Unlimited space to record text notes
  •  Assign note titles for easy searching
  • Search by title or last updated date
  • Copy and paste text from other applications


SSL encryption hides data during transmission.

Email Archiving

Email Archiving with unlimited storage and retention, for just $5.00/mailbox/month.

25GB Mailboxes

Our goal is to take storage out of the equation. That’s why we offer you huge 25GB mailboxes. No longer will you have to worry about cleaning out and archiving your mailbox to prevent running out of storage space. With 25GB of data storage space on our hosted email solution, your employees and end users can keep their emails in their account without deleting them. This helps users to create an effective archive of work activity. It also provides an excellent way to manage and retrieve information about past projects, decisions, and emailed conversations.

  • Keep thousands of emails in your Inbox without running
    out of room*
  •  Send and receive large files such as a 1000-page Word
    document, 200 PowerPoint slides, or 500 Adobe PDFs

Webmail Features

  • Customized interface you can add a company logo. Change background colors and header images.
  • Anywhere, anytime access. Check email from anywhere—an advantage of hosting email in the cloud instead of on your desktop
  • Do practically everything you’re used to doing with Outlook, but on the web.
  • Quickly view or share calendars with anyone on your domain.
  • Chat is available within webmail to help your organization easily communicate from anywhere.
  • Real-time email (push), calendar, and contact syncing for your iPhone or Android®. $1.00/user.


Let us migrate your current emails for you. We take all the hassle and worry out of the process.

Outlook Auto-Setup

Quickly & easily set up a user’s Outlook with just their username and password.

Custom Mailboxes

Enjoy a professional appearance and experience with email@your-domain.com.

  •  Display HTML or text
  •  Supports 11 languages
  •  Customize reply and forwarding settings
  •  Create user or domain-level safelists and blacklists
  •  Change password from webmail interface

50MB Attachments

We want to be sure that your users aren’t limited by file size limitations when they’re sending an attachment. Magic City Systems supports up to 50 MB attachments on incoming or outgoing email. Users can send and receive important attachments without concern for file size limitations.
With a 50MB attachment limit, your users could send or receive*:

  • A 1,000 page Microsoft Word document
  • 200 slides in a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation
  • 500 JPEG images
  •  A 500 page Adobe PDF file

* Illustrative estimate—Actual numbers depend on the size of a given file(s).


Three-layer scanning helps to keep your Inbox safe.

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